Lytham Stripe Fabric - Cobalt

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This cool crisp stripe is classic in its form but in the bold colourway stands as a signature fabric in this collection. Team this with the plain fabrics in Mist, Chalk and Oatmeal to allow the stripe to stand out or be adventurous in your approach by layering with the various Cobalt patterns - the limit is your imagination!


Inspired by classical design and a fresh colour palette lifted from the ocean; whitewashed and subtlety are at play with bright and optimistic accents creating a collection that is, in its nature, both liveable and alive with possibilities.

Capturing the dappled light of coastal climates and the effect of sun-drenched days on colours and tones, Coast is reflective of the ever-changing landscape - the harmonious balance between constructed and natural forms, geometric lines intertwine with organic waves and abstract textures. The synthesis of the perfect and imperfect.

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