Knot Geometric Fabric - Cobalt

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A bold and expressive addition to the Coast range, Knot Cobalt is an interesting weave - the double cloth nature means that the fabric it reversible and the pattern is strong on each side. Adding satin/sateen in the fabric gives a tactile and warm finish. Perfect for building cosy living spaces with a touch of drama.


Inspired by classical design and a fresh colour palette lifted from the ocean; whitewashed and subtlety are at play with bright and optimistic accents creating a collection that is, in its nature, both liveable and alive with possibilities.

Capturing the dappled light of coastal climates and the effect of sun-drenched days on colours and tones, Coast is reflective of the ever-changing landscape - the harmonious balance between constructed and natural forms, geometric lines intertwine with organic waves and abstract textures. The synthesis of the perfect and imperfect.

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