Wallpaper Design Ideas for Every Kind of Home

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Every Kind of Home

Are you getting bored of your plain painted walls? So are we. Our wallpaper design ideas are here to spruce up your interior and keep you going through these cold winter months. After all, your home décor can affect your mood and mental health, so creating the right surroundings is more important than ever.

Colour & Pattern 

Colour and pattern are visually immediate in an interior setting and therefore are main components to display your sense of style through your home. Not only can colour show your personality, but can completely transform a room's mood - so if you're looking for an uplifting experience perhaps steer away from gloomy blues and deep mahoganies. On the other hand, a formal statement room might relish with a darker, sophisticated touch. It's really about gaging how you want to feel within your room. Since walls have such a large surface area, picking the right shade and pattern is an important task.  

Kew mint wallpaper in bedroom


They might seem boring, but neutrals are the epitome of serene Hygge living (check out our Cocooning blog for more information on Hygge). Check out our warm-toned cream and brown wallpapers or perhaps a colder grey to provide the perfect base to your calming interiors.

Muted colours 

Soothing tones are the perfect addition to any nursery or children's room to elicit a sense of calm and tranquillity. Our Sky colour in subtle Ticking Stripe or plain Herringbone are great options for a boys room. For a more feminine touch, perhaps our Kew Floral Wallpaper in Pink might provide a delicate traditional twist. 

Kew Pink wallpaper in bedroom

Be bold and bright 

Are all these subtle colours just not doing it for you? Maybe a striking red or bold black might be a more powerful option to spruce up the mood of your rooms. Black doesn't have to be gothic - it can portray a smart, sophisticated style. Just make sure to balance out the room with some lighter furniture pieces!

Salesbury Black Stripe Hallway

Experiment with stripes 

Not only can bold stripes create a fun statement, but strong vertically lined wallpaper will help draw the eyes upwards and add a sense of visual height to a room. Try out a thick stripe such as our Salesbury Stripe in Charcoal on a feature wall to add a striking focus. If you're not feeling so brave, a classic ticking in pink or cream might be a more subtle option that will add a touch of interest without being too dramatic. 

Geometric - sophisticated retro 

Are you going for a Scandi vibe? Perhaps our geometric printed Acton Oatmeal Wallpaper might tickle your fancy. Inspired by the London Underground District Line, this printed wallpaper gives the illusion of continuous space to a room - whilst keeping in check with modern-day style. If you're going for more of a retro look, our Charcoal geometric print might be a more suitable fit. We also have co-coordinating Mono printed fabrics available if you're thinking of sprucing up your curtains and soft furnishings at the same time.

Acton Linen Wallpaper

If you're looking to incorporate more texture into the room, check out the Interior Editor's Ultimate Guide to Wallpaper & Your Homes

Hallway to heaven 

Whilst small and seemingly insignificant, hallways are the connections that unite your rooms. You will want to pick a colour that aids the natural flow from one room to the next.  

Neutrals are your safest bet to keep the progression in check. Perhaps a delicate floral such as our Wildflower Floral Wallpaper in Linen could be the artful enhancement you've been looking for. Pair this with solid plain accents such as cream skirting boards and floaty linen sheers to give an elegant appearance to the space.

Wildflower Linen Wallpaper

Make a statement with a feature wall. 

If splashing out on covering your whole room in wallpaper seems a bit too expensive or over the top for you, maybe opt for a single feature wall instead. Choosing a bold, large stripe can create quite a statement, or if you'd like to experiment with depths, try a darker toned wallpaper to contrast with the rest of the walls. For a comfy bedroom space, try combining our Herringbone Flax Wallpaper with a statement wall of Oxford Stripe Flax. Position your bed with the headboard on the statement wall and add a recycled Small Wave Throw in Oatmeal to your bedspread for the ultimate Hygge style. 

Oxford Stripe Charcoal Wallpaper

Final tips

Don't be afraid to order a sample and pin it up against the wall you're decorating - take a step back and visualise the result. Would a bright pink really work well in this space? Try to imagine five years from now - will you still be in love with your idea? If you know you'll change your mind, perhaps stick with a timeless neutral. 

Make sure the colours suit the room in all different lights. Check the sample against the wall in the morning, midday and evening to get a clear perspective of the mood it will elicit. 

If you're still stuck for choice, have a browse at our beautiful range of wallpapers for some inspiration.