Seventies Style Summer | July Moodboard

Seventies Style Summer | July Moodboard

Seventies style is slowly creeping its way back into our lives; 'Seventies Style Summer' provides luxurious ideas for replicating this iconic trend to bring warmth and liveliness to interiors, whilst maintaining a classic, modern vibe.

This month we embrace the seventies, which brought about flower power, using exuberant fabrics and accessories full of character in a mixture of dramatic colours and bold patterns. ‘Seventies Style Summer’ introduces a humid, sub-tropical palette enthused by the turmeric, sage and rust tones associated with the authentic, suburban 70s to create a scheme with a striking style statement.

Inspired by nature’s delicate leaves our classic Embroidered Union Leaf cotton fabric aims to bring a touch of the outdoors into any interior. Campbell Union provides the perfect base layer for experimenting with vivid designs and adds calmness to the collection. Wildflower, Organic Ticking Stripe and Suffolk Check L assist in bringing an interior to life, whilst complementing the key hues within the scheme due to their emphasis of neutral tones within the palette.

Begonia and rust shades from our rich textured woven Perth collection combine two tonal shades within their design to create a totally unique look – both of these shades when accompanied beside Velvet Dark Flax offer another dimension and deliver warmth and richness, as well as introduce a dramatic accent. Key pieces such as plants, ironic accessories and wooden furniture assist in bringing this scheme together, supplying it with additional 70s character.

This palette is incredibly distinct, its success is totally dependent on the careful balance of these aspects, as well as keeping the shades tonal, so that not one hue dominates and ensuring that patterns complement the overall design without being too overpowering.

Seventies Style Summer Moodboard Seventies Style Summer Moodboard Seventies Style Summer Moodboard Seventies Style Summer Moodboard