Natural Fabrics: Our New Contour Collection

Natural Fabrics: Our New Contour Collection

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Contour collection of natural fabrics and home accessories. Contour is a range of 31 fabrics, linen sheers and braids that focus on the inherent beauty of natural yarns to create elegantly textured semi-plains and structured motifs in a soft and feminine colour palette.  

Natural Fabrics with Sumputous Textures

With cotton, silk, linen and wool in sumptuous textures, these fabrics represent ‘real luxury’ which can be seen and felt in the quality of the craftsmanship and the richness of the finished fabrics.

Natural fabrics from our Contour Collection

Comfort and wellbeing in all forms are more important than ever; as we look for a release from working lives and seek connection with friends and loved ones more, the home has taken on new meaning and new functions!

We’ve developed this collection with calm and sanctuary in mind. Taking inspiration from geological forms and mineral colours, Contour brings a natural softness into the home, but with durability and a timeless, classic style you would expect from Ian Mankin. 

Natural fabrics from our Contour Collection

The colours and designs in this collection work together beautifully, bridged by our signature stripes in chunky weaves and soft billowy linen sheers with just a hint of colour. Their wonderfully tactile, super-soft textures are perfect for building layers of comfort suited to your own style. Add in the Contour home accessories collection, and you can create a place of rest and rejuvenation, ideal for your home hideaway.

Natural fabrics from our Contour Collection

As we spend more and more time in our homes, fabrics can no longer be for decoration alone. They must be powerhouses of style, quality and durability; with abrasion results up to 45,000, the Contour Collection are resilient fabrics that offer longevity and, of course, the quality of finish you’d expect from Ian Mankin. 

Our Yarns

We are committed to weaving with yarns that have a low impact, natural yarns that are safe for use in the home without the addition of harsh chemicals and toxins, and ones that reduce our environmental footprint.

We've used innovative recycled fibres in some of our fabrics in this collection. The yarns are spun from processing waste, recycled clothing and home textiles and inherit their colour from the original recycled materials, so no extra dyes are added.

Finally, all of our fabrics are given a simple finish in a mild detergent and Pennine water, safe for you and your family.

To discover all the designs and colourways, visit our Contour Collection online.