Everything There Is to Know About Curtain Lining Fabrics

Everything There Is to Know About Curtain Lining Fabrics

Curtain lining fabrics are often an afterthought, but they are so important! Not only do they provide curtains with structure, fullness and an extra layer of protection, but they offer you the chance to add a luxury finishing touch to any window dressing. Now, we know it can be pretty overwhelming when deciding if you need blackout, thermal, plain or patterned linings, so we have put together a guide to help you choose the most suitable lining for your room.

What is a Curtain Lining?

Curtain lining is an extra layer of fabric sewn to the back of a curtain or roman blind. Whether you want to block out harmful sunlight, retain warmth during the colder months or make your curtains look as beautiful from the outside as they do inside, we have a range of cotton linings to suit every style of room.

Ticking Stripe 1 Navy Curtain Lining Fabric
Image: Hespera Home Photographer: Cat Arwel Photography

Different Types of Curtain Lining Fabrics

Plain Lining Fabrics

Our Curtain Lining Ivory and Stone are simple cotton fabrics that provide the perfect finishing touch to any curtains or blinds. These are the most affordable type of curtain lining material for keeping your window dressing looking smart.

Curtain Lining Ivory Fabric

Decorative Lining Fabrics

Curtain linings don't have to be plain! A patterned lining is a unique touch that can create the most beautiful focal point from outside your house. If you live on the main road with a lot of passing traffic, this might be something to consider. From gingham checks to ticking stripes and delicate pinstripes in contemporary colours, we have designs to suit every style of curtains and blinds. This Lining Stripe Indigo curtain made by our trusted designer and maker, Victoria Clark Interiors, is a timeless choice that will withstand the test of time.

Lining Stripe Indigo Curtain Lining Fabric
Image: Victoria Clark Interiors

Blackout Curtain Lining

Blackout curtain lining fabrics are a popular choice for bedroom curtains and blinds. After all, nothing quite beats a good night's sleep! It is thicker than a standard curtain lining and will block any dazzling sunlight from passing through your curtains and help with heat loss and noise reduction. Blackout material will also protect your face fabric and provide your curtains and blinds with structure and fullness to allow them to drape beautifully. These curtains featuring our Panama Stripe Seagreen/Sage are an excellent example showcasing the difference this type of lining can make.

Panama Stripe Seagreen/Sage Curtain


Interlinings are heavier than a standard cotton lining. They sit between the face fabric and lining to provide an additional protective light barrier, thermal insulator and add extra weight and body to the lightest of fabrics to improve their drape and hang. If you would like to use a decorative lining that provides the benefits of a blackout lining, then our 100% cotton Pre-Shrunk Interlining will be perfect. Take a look at these interlined curtains using our Arran Peony and Jura Stripe Peony fabrics.

Image: Twos Company Interior

Do all Curtains Need Linings?

By no means do all curtains need a lining! Some fabrics and interiors may require a lining for suitability reasons, but it depends on personal choice and the desired look you are trying to create. We recommend a lining if you want to protect your curtains from sunlight, increase privacy, help insulate your room, and add fullness to your drapes. However, some fabrics may not require a lining. Unlined curtains work well for wool fabrics. These wool curtains in our Gisburn Sage from our Ashfield Collection are thicker than other natural fabrics, so they don't always need the addition of a lining for extra protection, insulation and volume.

Curtains in Gisburn Sage Wool Fabric

Linen sheers and voiles do not need a lining as they naturally let light into a room. Take a look at our Helford Natural Linen Sheer, and you'll see their beautiful, relaxed drape. To learn more about using different fabrics for curtains, explore our blog on 'How to Choose the Perfect Curtain Material'.

Helford Stripe Natural Linen Sheers

Hopefully, by now, you have an idea of whether you need a curtain lining and what type. You can order samples of all our linings fabrics online to help you choose your absolute favourites. If you're still a little confused and need additional help and advice, get in touch with one of our trusted designers and stockists