Cosy Living Room Ideas for Winter

Cosy Living Room Ideas for Winter

With the nights getting colder, now is the perfect time to think about cosy living room ideas! Another chilly evening is another reason to wrap up warm and stay home. Draw the curtains, turn up the fire, and snuggle down under a super-soft throw with a delicious mug of hot chocolate. Add in your favourite festive film, and you've got the ultimate cosy evening.

Consider these cosy living room ideas to get you started.

Dress Your Windows

Window treatments not only add decoration but are one of the easiest and most practical ways to keep your home feeling snug and cosy. No one wants cold, blustery winds fighting their way into your living room through a bare, draughty window! There are lots of fabrics to choose from when it comes to dressing windows, including cotton, wool and linen. All of which will do the job. Discover your favourites and order swatches online to see what looks best in your home.

Layering windows with both blinds and curtains are becoming increasingly popular. They don't only create a one-of-a-kind window treatment, but they are an eco-friendly solution for managing heat loss. This #madewithmankin creation from Lou's Thread Interiors using our Linen 25 Ivory and Angus Stripe Flax fabrics is a timeless combination that will withstand the test of time in any home.

If heat loss, noise reduction and blocking out dazzling light is a worry to you, it is worth providing your curtains and blinds with a blackout curtain lining or interlining fabric. Linings are an inexpensive way of insulating your home, so it's warm and inviting.

Curtains aren't just for your windows! According to House Beautiful you're missing out if you're only using them for windows - they work wonders for covering doorways, hiding clutter, creating privacy and decorating a space. We love how Sharon Butler Curtains has re-purposed this curtain in our Newbury Hopsack Sage fabric to cocoon this front door.

Pile up the Cushions

Rich, warm-toned cushions in elegantly textured, natural weaves are a must for this season. Their tactile impression of warmth and luxury are perfect for building layers of comfort in any living room. Consider our extra-large buttoned Pearl Weave Powder Cushion if you're after creating the ultimate home hideaway while adding decorative elegance. There isn't a thing as too many cushions. This sofa featuring fabrics from our Ivory and Natural collection is basically begging you to jump right on, curl up and relax.

Ian Mankin natural cushions on sofa

Banish Those Niggling Draughts

Saying goodbye to pesky draughts can be quick, easy and inexpensive; all you need is a draught excluder. What's even better is that they'll help keep your heating bills down too! Filled with an eco-friendly selvedge filling (waste fabric leftover from weaving), all Ian Mankin draught excluders are as beautiful and stylish as they are practical. Simply place them by your door to keep the cool air out and your rooms snug and toasty.

ian mankin fabric draught excluders

Throw on the Throws

There is nothing more inviting than a sofa layered with sumptuous, super-soft blankets. This Chunky Woven Bouclé Throw in Stone from our Contour Home Collection makes it another level of cosy and the perfect nap location. The hand-finished fringed edge feels almost scarf-like, instantly making you think of warming layers that'll shield you from the cold.

Add a Personal Touch

Don't forget to showcase some of your favourite scents, trinkets and happy memories for an intimate feel. Candles are a cocooning essential and a lovely way to add a warming glow to your living room. If you don't have a roaring fire to huddle around, fear not - a cluster of lanterns and candles will do the trick.

When going for cosy, it is important to remember not to cut corners. The options are endless, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune! If after all this you've fallen out of love with your living room and it's time for a refresh, Living etc has plenty of ideas on how to decorate your living room for a stylish, cosy feel. If you're thinking all this sounds like too much and you'd like some help, get in touch with one of our trusted designers and stockists who will be able to guide you in the right direction.